Automatic Garage Openers







Some great reasons, to have an Automatic Garage Door Opener from B&D Installed.

  • Convenience: You can open the garage door from the comfort of your car, perfect for wet and cold nights.
  • Comfort: Avoid the strain of bending, reaching and pulling to open your garage door.
  • Safety: Avoid the dangers of exiting your car at night, or parking on steep angled driveways, The system also features an automatic safety reverse, which reverses the door when the door comes in contact with a solid object
  • Security: the Controll-A-Door openers lock every time they close
  • Value: Controll-A-Door systems ad value to your home and your lifestyle
  • Enhanced Technology: the Tri-Tran Multi frequency opener transmitter ensures that the multitude of electronic devices now found in homes wont affect your garage door opening.
  • Quiet DC Motor that gives smooth, quiet and reliable operation
  • Soft Start/ Soft stop, gives slower smoother operation at the bottom and top of the motion range but speeds up in the middle for efficient operation.
  • Options: A great range of options is available including the  infra-red safety beam, Entry Keypad for additional security and Solar Power System



Download the Contral-A-Door Brochure Here

control a door  cover image